Glasgow Easter Cup
April 2012





Tournament organiser     S. Y. F. A. WEST REGION


Tournament dates            6th to 8th April 2012


1.             Rules.     All the matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as laid down by the International Football Association Board (IFBA) (current edition), as issued by F I F A unless specified otherwise in the present regulations.

The organising association, above, has received the necessary permission to host the tournament from the Scottish Football Association and where necessary U. E. F. A and F. I. F. A.

The organising association shall form an organising committee/ tournament committee, which shall be responsible for all arrangements in connection with the competition.


2.             Referees. All Matches will be controlled by referees registered with the Scottish Football Association or other National Football Association who are members of F. I. F. A.


3.             Only teams, leagues or associations who are affiliated to a recognised national association and are invited by the tournament organisers are eligible to take part in the tournament.


4.             Team Leaders. Every team must be accompanied by a registered adult official and first aider over 18 years of age, the name, address, and date of birth of these adults must be printed clearly on the team’s registration sheet. All players must be over the age of 7 years. These adults will be deemed to be the team leaders and he will be jointly responsible for the behaviour of their players, on and off the field of play. They will be held responsible for the actions of their team and club supporters within the sports complex and within all other facilities available to the team. They will also be responsible for the conduct of team supporters. All reports of abuse of any kind from officials, players or supporters will be investigated and if found to have occurred may result in the expulsion of the team from the tournament and a report to the team’s national association. The tournament will not tolerate any reported bad conduct from anyone associated with the tournament.


5.             Age category – Please note age qualification dates are as for season 2011-2012


Youth Team Squads (Recreational)                           

     Group 1999           Players born on or after 1st January 1999   13’s

     Group 1998           Players born on or after 1st January 1998   14’s

     Group 1997           Players born on or after 1st January 1997   15’s

     Group 1996           Players born on or after 1st January 1996   16’s

     Group 1995           Players born on or after 1st January 1995   17’s

     Group 1993           Players born on or after 1st January 1993   19’s

                       Age control. Where National Associations employ differing age group qualification dates (i.e. 1st August or 1st September during the season) their domestic age levels must be accepted by all clubs making application to participate in the competition. Prior to commencement of the tournament the team leader must submit to the tournament committee, a registration sheet, which shall contain the full name, full postal address, date of birth and team squad number of a maximum of 18 players. After submission of the registration sheet and the commencement of the tournament players may be added with the permission of the Tournament Director in order to fulfil fixtures but only 18 tournament medals will be awarded. From the 18 listed only 11 players and 5 substitutes may participate in a game. All players must provide proof of their age and identity. They may be asked to show this proof at any time. Photographic proof required - passports - player cards etc.

Players registered for Professional Clubs are not permitted to participate in the tournament. Only Players registered for the participating club or players who are not registered for any club are permitted to play.


6.             Duration of Play

Each game shall be of 2 equal periods of 25 minutes.    Soccer sevens will be 2 periods of 10 minutes)

The tournament committee has the right to alter the duration of play and the tournament format should a situation arise which makes this necessary. The half time interval will normally be 5 minutes in length. This period of time must not exceed 5 minutes.


7.             Tournament Format. (Competitive 11 a sides)

Preliminary Rounds:              Each team will play each other in their section once. The number of points attained will determine the final positions of teams in the preliminary rounds. The points system applied will be:

-        3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

Every team will be scheduled to play five matches and all teams are required to play all listed fixtures. It is unacceptable for teams asked to wait to play a play-off match to find out their opponents have left the tournament. Any team failing to complete their commitment of fixtures WILL be reported to their national association and WILL be excluded from the next Glasgow City Cup / Glasgow Easter Cup Tournament and will not receive tournament mementos.


Where teams are level on points in their group the following will apply:

-          goal difference

-          most goals scored

-          the result of the mutual match

-          the drawing of lots


Placing Matches – Intermediate rounds. In the event of a draw, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with the system laid down by the International Football Association Board in order to determine the winners.

 The team declared the winner of Section A shall play the team declared the runner up of Section B in the tournament semi-final/ quarterfinal with penalty kicks deciding the winning if required.




The team declared the winner of Section B shall play the team declared the runner up of Section A in the tournament semi-final/quarterfinal with penalty kicks deciding the winning if required.

The team declared the third of Section A shall play the team declared fourth in Section B in the plate semi-final/quarterfinal with penalty kicks deciding the winning if required.

The team declared the fourth in Section A shall play the team declared third in Section B in the plate semi-final/quarterfinal with penalty kicks deciding the winning if required.

Where more than two sections are involved it will be planned that you do not play teams within your section until the final, where possible.


Semi Finals and Finals of Cup or Plate Competition.          In the event of a draw, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with the system laid down by the International Football Association Board in order to determine the winner.


The referee will mark the result of each match on the match record card, which must be signed by the winning team secretary and returned to the control centre where the co-ordinator will record the score. Lists of results will be given to teams at the end of each day along with the league standing and final placing etc., Copies of these results etc., will be forwarded to the appropriate associations and are available on the tournament website which will be updated throughout the day as the results are made known to the controller.


8.             Awards: Trophies or medals will be presented to the finalists of the cup competition and a tournament plate to the winners and runners up of the plate competition. Any additional awards are at the discretion of the organising committee.


            Participation medals will be given to all registered players taking part in the competition provided they complete ALL the matches scheduled for their team. Teams failing to play ALL matches including play off matches WILL NOT be awarded participation medals and WILL be reported to their national association for failing to complete their scheduled matches. Teams will receive medals for the number of players registered for the tournament to a maximum of 18 players. Teams eliminated from the competition and having played all scheduled matches should report to the Tournament Office in the Marquee and collect their participation medals. It is the responsibility of the team secretary to make sure that his team are available for all scheduled matches including play off matches. It is also their responsibility to collect their medals from the tournament organisers on completion of their last scheduled match. Medals which are not collected by 8pm on the last day of the tournament will not be awarded.

Soccer Sevens festival tournaments players will receive a memento of the tournament only. Results from matches will not be recorded or published.


9.             Team Sheets. Prior to each game the team leader must hand to the referee a team sheet, which must give each player’s name and number. Players must wear their squad number as indicated to the tournament by the team secretary, in all games. Where this is not possible the players involved should be identified to the match referee before the start of the game.


10.           Substitutes.        Only the substitutes named on the team sheet may participate during the game. Players substituted are available to retake the field of play at all age levels. The referee must first give his permission for the exchange to take place at an appropriate stoppage in the match. Referee will not allow substitutions if they consider it to be a time wasting tactic in the latter stages of the match.


11.           Every team is obliged to bring a second choice of strip of contrasting colour or coloured bibs. If, according to the referee, before the start of the match, the colours are too similar then the team first mentioned in the programme must change. Bibs are available in the Marquee and must be returned there after the match.


12.           Discipline. When a player is sent from the field or is given a caution, the tournament committee will be notified immediately after the match by the referee. Any player who has been sent off or has received two cautions in the sections part of the tournament is not eligible to play in the team’s next game. Cautions are wiped at the end of the league section and restart in the knock out section of the competition. Red Cards are not wiped - any player ordered from the field of play will miss the next tournament game AND will be reported to their National Association and may receive further suspension within their league or association.

Note: All misconduct reports arising from the tournament will be forwarded to the National Association of the host association who will forward these reports to the National Association concerned.

 A team’s results will be rendered invalid in the following cases:

-          If a team is late for a game without a valid reason.

-          If a team uses an ineligible player.

-          If the referee has to abandon a game due to misconduct of players, officials or supporters of that team.


13.           Protests. The referee decision in all matters concerning key points of play shall be final and binding; therefore protests in this area are not accepted. All other protests should be made only by the responsible leader to the tournament’s committee no later than 15 minutes after the match and accompanied with a £30 non-refundable protest fee. All other complaints not so submitted may result in disciplinary action against the offending club although not to the benefit of the protesting club. The tournament committee’s decision on all protests is final and binding.


14.           The rules of the Tournament and decisions of the organising committee shall be final and binding on all teams in the tournament.


15.           Schedule. The tournament committee has the right to alter the competition schedule should unforeseen circumstances occur.


16.           Responsibility. It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that adequate insurance cover is provided for their players. The tournament organisers and tour organisers are not responsible for damage to, and loss or theft of possessions or equipment of participants or clubs. They are also not responsible for harm or injury to any participants. ALL clubs must provide to the tournament committee a copy of the National Association permission to participate. Scottish Clubs must supply their SYFA Tournament Permit and to clubs out with Scotland a letter from their Host National Association giving permission to participate.